Top Terrace Cafes in the World


When it comes to terrace cafes, almost every city in the world has something great to offer. This site brings you five of the best terrace cafes in the world. All located in different parts of the globe.


While Edinburgh is known for being cold, on a nice day there are a few better places you can catch the Scottish rays. And the Tower Restaurant is the best place to be. You can enjoy a luxurious meal while sipping on a dope cocktail. Attached to the National Museum of Scotland, the Tower Restaurant offers incredible views of the famous Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. Plus, their service is first class.


For the best brunches and cocktails in Tokyo, Two Rooms is the ultimate location. It offers flavor and sauce with stunning views of Tokyo. Two Rooms also runs late in the night and the Tokyo nighttime views are to die for. Additionally, they offer a great service with masterfully prepared food and drinks.


Sushisamba is located on the 38th and 39th Floor of the London landmark, 110 Bishopsgate. The highlight of Sushisamba is being the highest outdoor dining terrace in Europe. All this coupled with great Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese sushi. While at Sushimba you can also enjoy a classy interior bar which offers stunning views of London. 


Madame Brussels is located 3 stories above the busy streets of Melbourne. On the terrace, you can soak up the rays while lounging. Perhaps even cuddle up in a nice blanket in case it gets cold. And when you feel like eating something, there is plenty to choose from. With drinks and cocktails to supplement the great vibe.


Located at the Grand Hotel Timeo, the literary terrace offers romantic views of Mt. Etna and Taormina. It was also a go-to chill place for renown poet DH Lawrence. Other writers who have sought inspiration from this stunning terrace cafe include screenwriters Sofia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. The breathtaking views accompanied with great food and drinks are a no match for writer’s block, no matter how stubborn. But you do not have to be a writer to visit The Literary Terrance. It is open to everyone. Young and old, artist or not. However, while there, it is likely you will bump into one or two world renown writers.

Coffee makes everything better.


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